Custom Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento

Overall Value Of Custom Built Cabinets

Much has been said that Custom kitchen cabinets Sacramento Ca are expensive, but if you are willing to consider their many advantages, you will not be so easily swayed.  However, have you ever wondered why custom cabinets are expensive compared to the pre-fabricated ones?

The Numerous Posibilities Of Custom Cabinets

There are several important reasons which make the Custom kitchen cabinets Sacramento Ca a little costlier but after the fact, these reasons make up for their superiority in craftsmanship, precision, durability and a personalized design that are flexible to your exact needs.  Whether you are getting custom cabinetry as part of your home remodeling or for your new home, kitchen cabinets are a major part in every home whether it is a mansion or just a small apartment.  No doubt they eat up your budget quite quickly, but they are still a smarter choice for your kitchen because of their endless possibilities.

Higher Quality And Custom Designs Add To The Value

Custom kitchen cabinets Sacramento Ca is more expensive because of the tools and equipment needed to make them, the quality of materials used in their construction and the labor cost for qualified fine craftsmanship.  Depending on the look, size, and layout of your kitchen and the material you have chosen, the price for custom cabinets vary greatly.  An average-sized kitchen may cost you from between $8,000 and $50,000 to install and the price increases with additional features like glass fronts, frameless designs, intricate accessories, hand-crafted finishes or even some special specifications and shapes.

Certain Material Choices Can Add To The Savings

Despite these reasons, some homeowners were still able to cut down on the cost of their Custom kitchen cabinets Sacramento Ca to stay within their budget.  The secret is to replace the hardwood panels used in the hidden structural areas.  These expensive panels are not necessary for strength, durability or aesthetic values.  The cost will be significantly reduced when they are replaced with other lesser expensive material such as fiberboard or particleboard and no one will know any better.  You can also go for the inexpensive yet strong wood when selecting Custom kitchen cabinets Sacramento Ca.  Alder, maple and hickory are usually cheaper than those made up of oak or cherry wood.  While some premium finishes increases the cost, choosing an inexpensive finish for your cabinets will certainly cut some costs.

Selection Of Doors For Custom Built Cabinetry

If you are not already aware of it, door styles have an impact on the cost of your Custom kitchen cabinets Sacramento Ca, too.  Shaker door style is generally the cheapest and most popular due to its classic look.  Bear in mind, the more detail you add to your cabinet doors, the more the cost increases.  Sometimes it is also not a necessity to have doors over your refrigerator or oven.  You can also eliminate the cabinets altogether and get your general contractor to build walls to house them.  The walls will definitely be cheaper and can be spruced up with matching paint or tiles.

Design Freedom With Custom Cabinetry

Although custom kitchen cabinets are not a cheap choice in comparison to those pre-fabricated, it does not mean that your stellar looking kitchen is out of your reach.  Going for Custom kitchen cabinets Sacramento Ca means you have the freedom to design every element for your own unique kitchen and these also mean you will also have the freedom to cut cost wherever you deem fit.


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