Custom Kitchen Cabinets Oakland Ca

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Oakland Ca


If you have been in the market for custom kitchen cabinets in Oakland Ca but have never made the leap into actually purchasing them, perhaps due to all of the possible options out there then im sure this article can help some of you that are still “on the fence” so to speak. Diving into a kitchen remodeling project is not something to take lightly or go into uninformed. As with just about all remodeling projects there are a lot of options and important decisions you will have to make along the way, but when it comes to kitchen remodeling it is even more critical as this is a space in your home that is used daily.


Quality Custom Kitchen Cabinets Oakland Ca


Finding quality custom kitchen cabinets In Oakland Ca can be a challenge. There is no shortage of kitchen cabinet dealers in Oakland Ca but finding a custom cabinet shop that offers all of the quality and services that you will need can be difficult. A few things to consider prior to ordering your new custom built kitchen cabinets in Oakland Ca is whether you will be handling the installation of your new custom kitchen cabinets. You need to know if you will be actually doing the cabinet installation yourself if you are so inclined, or if you will be hiring a cabinet installation professional to tackle all the aspects of the installation process.


Purchasing Custom Kitchen Cabinets In Oakland Ca


One additional thing to keep in mind during the process of purchasing custom cabinets in Oakland Ca is options. There are numerous options when it comes to custom cabinetry. Such things as face frame cabinets, frameless cabinets, the door and drawer front style, wood type, finish color, and interior cabinet construction material. Definitely a lot to take in, but rest assured your custom cabinet maker in Oakland should have no problem helping you through the entire process to make things easier on you. Knowing what you require from your kitchen from the outset will greatly reduce the amount of shopping time for your new custom kitchen Cabinets Oakland. You may even want to make various sketches of the layout you have in mind for your new kitchen. This will help your cabinetmaker in the initial design stages.


Custom Cabinet Options In Oakland Ca


Even though custom kitchen cabinets in Oakland Ca can typically be more expensive than other area of California there are some area where you can save a bit of money. One of these areas is the actually material used for the cabinet case construction. Some of the very best custom kitchen cabinets will be made from solid ¾ inch thick plywood. Plywood is a very strong durable material that has many advantages. But the only downside to plywood sometimes can be its cost. There are more economical solutions such as particle board and melamine. Melamine is basically particle board with a very hard durable plastic material heat fused to the surface of the particle board. The reason melamine is popular is that it does not require finishing of any kind and your cabinet interior is very easy to clean. Next time you are shopping for custom kitchen cabinets Oakland Ca explore melamine as a possible cabinet interior option.




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