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Custom Cabinetry And Custom Kitchen Cabinets


What is custom cabinetry? Custom cabinetry differs greatly from standard or also called stock cabinets. Stock cabinets are pre-built in a factory to sizes ranging between 2-3 inch increments. To make stock cabinet fit between walls and appliances filler pieces are used to make up the inevitable gaps that are left using these type of cabinets. Stock cabinets are usually mass produced in great quantities and most factories use inferior materials i.e. low grade particleboard, mdf, and very thin plywoods. The only advantage with these type of cabinets is and not always the case is speed. In most cases cabinets such as these can be pulled of the shelf if you supplier has them in stock. Or more often than not they are trucked in from large distribution warehouses and usually arrive within a few weeks.

Now custom cabinetry, the true definition are cabinets that are built from the raw sheet and lumber materials to fit a space exactly with no fillers, as would be needed with stock cabinets. Keep in mind the term custom cabinets have been used erroneously by those selling stock cabinets in order to make them sound like they are built just for you. Stock cabinets arranged and sold to go into your kitchen are not true custom cabinets, they are simply stock cabinets that have been selected. True custom cabinets are designed and built to fit your space and needs.

Since custom cabinets are actually built by craftsmen from raw materials you can expect that they will cost a bit more than stock cabinets as well as take time to produce since they are not pulled off of a shelf in a warehouse. The distinct advantage of custom cabinets is getting exactly what you want in your kitchen design, for example roll out shelves, spice racks, dovetail drawers, soft closing drawer guides, not to mention the exact materials and finish colors you desire. Typically custom cabinets use much thicker case materials 3/4″ thick cabinet sides and bottoms are used. This ensures cabinet rigidity and also keeps your cabinet shelving straight and flat no matter how much you load them down.

Custom cabinets are not just for kitchens, custom cabinets can be built into areas of the home such as built in book shelves, wall niches, bathroom vanities, entertainment/media centers, custom offices, the list goes on. Another area where custom cabinets are greatly needed is for cabinets that have odd angles such as storage units under stairs or in an attic where they must match the slope of a roof. That is not something that can be done with stock cabinets. When it really comes down to it custom cabinets do offer a lot more than stock cabinets and you certainly get more bang for your buck so to speak.