Cabinet Info / Process

Here at Adams Custom Cabinets Absolutely ALL of our cabinets are custom built. Meaning they are built from the raw sheet and lumber materials.

None of our custom cabinets are pre-fabricated or imported. We custom craft each cabinet to fit your space, style, and design taste exactly.

Our cabinets are assembled and finished with time tested construction techniques for maximum rigidity and durability.

The Process

The first step in receiving a quote from Adams Custom Cabinets is to provide us with a simple sketch or plan of your kitchen or custom cabinet project. A basic sketch with dimensions is usually all we need to provide you with a free quote. This is the fastest way to receive a quote, typically this can be done within the same day we receive the plan or sketch.

Once we have provided you with a preliminary quote, we will schedule an in home consultation where the owner of Adams Custom Cabinets will come out to the project, take exact measurements, and go over numerous wood, door, color, and hardware (i.e. drawer guides, hinges) samples. After this, a 3-D drawing is made of your project and any changes can be easily made at this point. Once you are satisfied with the design a sample cabinet is built from the exact wood, door style, color, and hardware (i.e. drawer guides, hinges). This is something only Adams Custom Cabinets does for its clients, sample cabinets are built to ensure you are getting exactly what you want for your custom cabinet project. This method has worked flawlessly for us for over 15 years.

Upon receipt of a signed contract and deposit the construction of your custom cabinets will begin. Project completion timelines will be based on size and complexity and current production status.

Once completed your custom cabinets will be delivered in home, or to where you request.

Common Questions.

Do you install hardware such as Knobs and Handles?

Do you install the cabinets?

We do not offer installation, however all the necessary components are provided along with the cabinetry, items such as crown moulding, wall scribe, finished base toe kick material and any other items that may be needed. If installation is needed we do have installation professionals that do the installation portion of the project for us. We will provide their information for you to contact and that is handles separately from the cabinetry. We have used them successfully for over 6 years and have great confidence in their abilities and quality of work. The quality, speed, and installation cost are hard to beat.

We do not install knobs or handles, this can be handled by the installation professional after the cabinets are installed. Due to the variability of knob and handle designs, that is always best done when the client is present to confirm knob/handle placement on the finished product. This always ensures accurate and convenient knob/handle placement.

Do you provide glass for glass cabinet doors?

We do not provide glass. Glass is always best found at your local glass supplier, they can cut to fit the glass exactly for your cabinet doors. All of our hinges have a push button removal feature so doors can be taken to the glass supplier or some companies will come out and fit the glass on site.